A kids bubble chair is slightly smaller than the adult version.  It is still made in a similar fashion as the original design.  This chair was created in 1968 by Eero Aarnio, one of the most talented modern furniture designers at this time.  He is credited with developing styles incorporating the use of clicks and plastics.  The simplistic nature of his creations , along with the functional and comfortable feel of his furniture, makes it a popular choice today as well.  The transparent sphere highlights the interior cushions.  The cushions are available in numerous color choices and coverings as well.The bubble swing chair is perfect for adults and children.  You can sit with your child and read them their favorite book and not be bothered by outside noise.  The design lends itself to diminish the noise and distractions.  This modern chair can be placed in your living room or family room, as well as in the bedroom.  Many offices will also use this chair in order to provide a great place to relax or to place a private cell phone call.  The chair is easy to install and is attached to a chain that is suspended from the ceiling.  The chain hooks onto the metal rim, which can be made from stainless steel or chrome.There are even those people that use the hanging bubble ball chair on their patio or sunroom.  They are durable enough to be used outdoors and elegant enough to be the highlight of any room in your home. 

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hanging bubble chair

Whether you are looking for a kids bubble chair or one for an adult, it is important to note that most have a weight restriction of approximately 300 pounds.  This style of furniture has been highlighted in many design magazines and can be seen in many movies and television shows.  It is a true symbol of iconic modern art and furniture.  As soon as you have your chair installed, all of your friends and neighbors will want to try it out.




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