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RJust imagine yourself gently rocking in the bubble swing chair.  This chair is one of the most famous designs from the Finnish furniture designer, Eero Aarnio.  He created this in 1968 and has received many accolades for the interesting design.  It is the epitome of modern and retro-styled furniture.  This designer has long been known for his use of plastics and acrylics to create interesting furniture shapes.  He is taken his ideas and has created extremely modern furniture choices.  It has long been associated with the simplistic styling of the furniture of the time but it still remains a popular choice for many people.The hanging bubble Ball chair is suspended from the ceiling with a chain.  The sphere is made from a transparent acrylic in order for you to be able to see everything around you while you relax.  The versatile cushion allows you to curl up in side of the ball or to simply sit and relax.  The cushions are available in leather and other fabrics as well.  There are many different colors that you can select from, and will accent, the chair perfectly.  The designer believed that furniture should be fun and interesting and the bubble swing chair exemplifies this.  It is the perfect place to enjoy a great book and because it is see-through, all of the surrounding light will be able to utilize.This chair can be installed in any room of your home.  It is great for the family room or living room. 

Click here for Bubble Swing Chair
hanging bubble chair

There are even those that like to have it in their bedroom so they can enjoy a reading or talking on the telephone.  The chair creates a soundproof area.  So that you will not be bothered by outside noise.  You can even purchase an outdoor bubble chair.  The only difference is that you will need to make sure that it has a stainless steel rim and chain in order to be protected from the outdoor elements.  There are even stands that you purchase so that it can be placed on any level surface on your patio or deck.  Once you sit in it, you will never want to leave the cocoon like setting.


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