One of the most famous furniture designs of the 1960s is probably the bubble egg chair.  This was not only popular during that time era, but has also remained a popular design choice today.  There are numerous celebrities that have been photographed in their bubble chair, which has increased the popularity.  This was designed by Eero Aarnio, who specialized in creating modern pieces of simplistic furniture.  He revolutionized the idea of using plastics and acrylics to create his interesting line of furniture.The bubble egg chair allows the person that is sitting in it to be able to protect themselves from the outside world.  It is a wonderful place to be able to lounge and relax after a long hard day.  There even companies that have these available in order to provide their employees a place to get away from it all for a few moments.  The concept of the chair is the fact that it will minimize the noise from the surrounding area.  It gives the person the ability to have a private telephone conversation or to catch up on reading the day's newspaper.  You can purchase a red bubble chair that has a slight hint of red in the acrylic to give it an interesting look. 

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hanging bubble chair

There are numerous different colors for the interior cushions that can be removed in order to clean the chair.If you are looking for this style, you may want to check out to see if there is a bubble chair eBay auction going on.  This is a great way to find the perfect modern style, while not having to pay as much for it.  You may even be a will find an original and able to save thousands of dollars.  This chair is suspended from the ceiling to give you the allusion of floating on air.  It is one of the most comfortable and interesting pieces of modern furniture, which you will enjoy for many years.




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