Bar stools stores do not usually carry high end Italian bar chairs because not that many customers can afford the price attached to these designer chairs.  If a customer wants a special high end chair, it is better to go to custom bar furniture sites online or to fine furniture stores rather than to regular bar stools stores.  The regular bar chair store can special order some pieces of fine furniture, but this is not always the case.  The bar chair store deals with styles that will sell easily and with styles that people can afford to buy.  They carry a large collection of contemporary styles, and some of these are imitations of more expensive designer chairs.  They also carry traditional styles, transitional styles, antique styles, and country cottage styles.  These are the most common styles of bar chairs that average income people can afford to buy. The designer bar stoolcan cost thousands of dollars for one chair, and this is not within the budget of most people.  They are truly works of art, though, and many people would love to have them in their homes if it were not for the high price.  One designer bar stool, the bombo chair, was designed by an Italian bar stool designer.  This chair is quite popular with contemporary furniture fans, and there are many imitations of the chair that can be bought for only around $200 whereas an original bombo chair costs almost $1,000.  There is an adequate number of those who can afford to buy originals and other Italian designer bar chairs because these chairs sell. If your total furniture budget is $10,000 to redecorate several rooms of your house, you may be interested in a designer bar chair or an Italian bar chair.  You could afford to buy two of these chairs to place at a bombo table and still have adequate funds for the rest of your furniture. 

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barcelona black leather chair

You may even be willing to skimp on some other pieces of furniture if your heart is set on have a designer piece at your home bar. These pieces of furniture are conversation pieces, and to a young, artsy professional single or young couple, the chairs represent artistic knowledge as well as an appreciation for the artistic nature of the chairs.  If you are in a business that requires you to entertain, you may see the Italian designer bar chair as an investment that will impress your guests and show them that you are a classy professional who knows fine designer furniture.




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