Bar stools chrome are sold in a retro diner style that is often used at kitchen counters, bars, or at a high table in a dining area.  These chairs can be covered with a variety of covers on their round seats such as a favorite team logo, a beer brand logo, or other designs.  There are plain vinyl replacement covers that are sold if you change your allegiance to your favorite team and don’t want them on your chairs any more.  These chairs are very sturdy and will last a long time.  Their entertaining theme makes them fun to use. There are hundreds of bar stools chrome chairs available at online websites.  Most of the chrome styles are contemporary bar stools that today’s furniture buyer loves, especially for casual furniture such as bar chairs.  To keep your chrome chairs looking as good as the day you first set them at your bar or counter, they need frequent maintenance to stay looking good.  Water marks, spilled drinks, food, or dirt will show up immediately on the chrome, so any spills need to be wiped off with a damp cloth and dried with a dry cloth immediately.  Chrome chairs are rather high maintenance, but if you like the look you won’t mind taking care of them. For a look similar to chrome that takes little maintenance other than dusting and an occasional wipe with a damp cloth, you may want to consider a metal bar stool.  There are many contemporary styles of metal chairs that have a similar silver look as chrome, and some are a bit shiny.  Most, however, have a matt finish so there is little to no shine, and that’s great when you don’t like to clean your chairs every few days.  There are very attractive metal bar chairs that have a steel powder coated finish.  This matte finish is easy care and looks great too. 

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barcelona black leather chair

Upscale stainless steel chairs sometimes have a powder coated finish, and aluminum chairs can have a chrome powder coated finish as well.  So, if you like the chrome or shiny metal look, but you are concerned about the maintenance of keeping the chair looking new, you might want to try a contemporary metal chair with a powder coated finish.  One contemporary chair has aluminum legs which are silver in color, but they appear to be brushed or dulled in some way.  This look is due to the powder coated finish that the manufacturer used to finish the chair.  This is a smart and stylish look for any contemporary setting, especially when it’s topped with  leather or faux leather seat or one made of faux suede or stylish fabric.




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